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Maintenance Department of Muskogee Public Schools



Through our leadership Muskogee Public Schools will have facilities which incorporate the latest in technology, energy conservation, space design, and accessibility which facilitate and enhance learning. Our community, faculty and students take pride in our facilities making sure necessary funding is provided to maintain our facilities for the future. Innovations in design are achieved through community support and involvement.

To implement planned and routine maintenance programs which will extend the useful life of all buildings and prevent premature capital outlay for replacement.  Through managed maintenance the Maintenance Department will support the facilities to provide the community with a safe environment conducive to teaching and learning.

Wayne A. Johnson

Director of maintenance and facilities

Muskogee Public Schools

1700 Beacon Street

Muskogee, OK 74403

Phone: 918-684-3710



Fax: 918-684-3711


Maintaining the Past 
Preparing for the Future